VEHICULAR INJURIES/ACCIDENTS: People who drive cars and companies who have employees in trucks and other vehicles have a responsibility to ensure vehicles are driven responsibly and to carry proper insurance. And insurance companies have an obligation to pay when their insured customers cause accidents or injuries. If you've been involved in a serious vehicle accident that caused you critical injury, Goldson & Hoekel is the first place you should call…before you speak with any insurance company or their attorneys.

The Missouri Highway Patrol keeps exhaustive statistics on car accidents involving injury on Missouri's highway's and roads. It is obvious from those statistics that the most dangerous drivers on Missouri roads are those under 21 years of age or over 55 years of age, drivers traveling at excessive speed and those who have been drinking alcohol.

There are, however, other factors which are significantly related to personal injury. It is dangerous to be in a motorcycle accident if you happen to be the person on the motorcycle. While about 25% of car accidents resulted in personal injury in Missouri in 2008 full 80% of those on motorcycles were injured in accidents. In fact, someone was injured on a motorcycle in Missouri every 3.7 hours in 2008. 107 motorcyclists were killed in accidents in 2008 on Missouri's highways.

Even more dangerous than riding a motorcycle on Missouri roadways is piloting a bicycle. In 2008 of the bicyclists involved in traffic crashes fully 83.2% were killed or injured. In 2008, one bicyclist was killed and 527 were injured in crashes on Missouri's roadways and highways.

The most dangerous condition of all is to be a pedestrian hit by a motor vehicle in Missouri. In 2008, 91% of pedestrian involved in traffic accidents on Missouri's roads were injured. In 2008, 66 pedestrians were killed and 1,464 were injured when involved in a traffic accident on a Missouri road or highway.