T H E  G O L D S O N  L A W  F I R M  Frequently Asked Legal Questions

Why should I choose The Goldson Law Firm?
The answer is simple. Experience. Knowledge. Expertise. We know the law, we know the courts, we know how the system works…and we win cases for our clients. If you've got a serious legal issue, you can't do better than choosing the Goldson Law Firm to represent you.

What do I do if I think I have a legal problem?
Talk to the Goldson Law Firm first…before you speak with anyone else…including the police, an opposing attorney or an insurance company. We know what we're talking about and we know how to protect your rights and keep you from getting into more serious trouble. If you're involved in a serious case that involves dealing with an insurer, an employer, the police or any involved parties, it simply isn't wise to do your own talking without the direct advice and representation of an attorney who is on your side. Call the Goldson Law Firm First, and let us do the talking for you.

How long will it take to handle my case?
Unfortunately, the answer is, "It depends." Serious legal cases take time, and the more serious the case, the longer it will take. Some cases are handled quickly in a matter of days or weeks. Some of the more complicated and serious cases may take a matter of months or even years to completely settle. All serious legal cases are subject to the timeline and the pace of the legal system and the courts. But the Goldson Law Firm will promise you this…we will work hard to be ready for any step of your case when it is due, minimizing any potential delays that are within our control, and we will always do everything it takes to move your case through the legal system as quickly as possible. We are not like some firms where they request continuances on cases because they are not ready on a due date; we do everything possible to avoid continuances when it is in our control, and when it is in the best interests of our clients.

What is this going to cost?
The Goldson Law Firm never charges a fee for an initial consultation, so you should never be afraid to give us a call and discuss your potential legal issue. When we accept a case, we typically work on a flat fee or on a contingency basis. We don't typically do hourly fees, so you will know what you'll need to pay in advance.