CONSTRUCTION SITE ACCIDENTS/INJURIES:  Construction sites are dangerous places with lots of rules, regulations, procedures and requirements regarding safety. The potential for a serious injury on a construction site is very real. From the loss of a finger or a toe or a limb, to debilitating back injuries, to falls and even to wrongful death…construction sites see it all. Injuries like these can dramatically affect your ability to earn an income, and you need to be sure you do everything you can to protect your interests and to receive any compensation that may be due to you.

The construction work site is often a chaotic place with a diverse group of contractors and subcontractors working on site. There are numerous opportunities for serious and life altering accidents to take place. Some of the most common types of construction accidents in St. Louis include construction site falls, fork lift accidents, crane accidents, workers run-over by operating equipment, electrical accidents, scaffolding collapses, fires and explosions, ladder falls, and even simple vehicle accidents.

Statistics from OSHA and the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicate that nearly 1,000 construction workers are killed each year while on the job. Of these, one-third or over 300 deaths will result from construction site falls. Common construction site falls include roof related falls, crane falls, scaffolding falls, elevator shaft falls, falls resulting from holes in flooring, and falling objects.

A worker injured on a construction site in the St. Louis Region may have more than a workers compensation claim. Frequently, there are options to bring a civil law suit against a subcontractor for its negligence. At times there are also options to bring a law suit against a co-employee or supervisor if there actions are either reckless, take actions that are beyond simple negligence, or violate the law. Your lawyer should consider all these legal options to assist you in a construction site accident.