A b o u t  T H E  G O L D S O N  L A W  F I R M  About Robert J. Goldson

The Goldson Law Firm is dedicated to serving real, hardworking people who have serious legal issues. From factory and construction workers to homemakers and business professionals, the Goldson firm is focused on helping ordinary people get the legal representation they need when faced with potentially life-changing legal problems.

We specialize in long term disability, personal injury and workers compensation cases that have truly debilitating and crippling effects on the injured party, and we know how to work these cases through the tangle of the legal system as quickly as the bureaucracy of the courts allows. Our firm understands the hard investigative work and the meticulous collection of detailed information required to win cases for people who have incurred critical, chronic, injuries caused by the negligence of a company or individual. The Goldson Law Firm has the direct experience and expertise to help individuals with cases like severe back injuries (requiring repeated surgeries or "hardware" implants), broken bones, brain injuries, lost limbs or appendages, and even wrongful death. Whether injuries are caused on the job or by a truck or auto or other vehicle, the Goldson firm has the expertise to handle the case.

Potentially life-altering charges such as these require dedicated legal representation, and the Goldson Law Firm has fought in these trenches for years, winning tough cases and getting the best possible outcomes for our clients. We handle hard-hitting cases like these aggressively, asserting the rights and innocence of our clients with every piece of evidence available, and with a full understanding of the most intricate details of the law.

If you're faced with a legal issue that has life-changing ramifications, you need the Goldson Law Firm. Call us today at 314-961-6781 for a no-obligation consultation.

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